Wunderbaustelle *extended
Released in 2006

Style(s): Future Pop
Mood(s): Dancing

Girls United are a musical open source laboratory, improvising underground pop music (or anything, that occurs). It was started by Berliner jayrope & Splatterdandy in 2004, who wanted to do a great album in just one week. They failed, but you are listening to the results of this idea.

Contributors: jayrope, Lippstueck, Tom Krimi, Dave Bennett, Arik Hayut, Mark Bihler, Fred Bigot, Christopher Noodt, Mikomikona, Beware i’ll do it again, Splatterdandy, Ina

Wunderbaustelle *extended produced by jayrope. Official 16 album tracks mixed & mastered by Mark Bihler at Bridge & Tunnel Mobile, Berlin.