Spelling customs may indicate, if people are people or entities, conditions, or actions.

jayrope uses lowercase letters. The individual behind jayrope was once looking for a search term, which was coined to reliably identify the artistic entity of a human individual within public realms, without compromising an otherwise private life.

Nations, states, groups of humanoids use capitalization for titles representing higher status, this, while representing the most common denominator of their members in many aspects. Any single humanoid is always more special than accumulations of those, or is it? Certain individuals indicate their amount of self-belief by capitalizing their names and/or titles. “Decapitalizing” their titles seems to turn them back into same-level human beings.

When spelling customs get broken readers may be as confused as organisations, like discogs.com and their artist (or song title) spelling rules. Organisations can be slow in adapting to change and so will be overtaken at some point, even if their standards make temporary sense sometimes. And there is a good rehearsal for an artist, too. If individual spelling is an exercise of personal rights somebody else may also write your name differently. You may overcome this by changing your own custom already.