Spelling customs indicate for example, if people are people or entities or conditions or actions.

Two examples. Nations and states use capitalization to present themselves as something greater than a single human/member of such, although they very much represent the most common denominator of their members, showing that the single human is always greater or at least more extreme than their accumulations. Individuals in power positions seem to feel godsent or just more valid, when they indicate their amount of self belief by capitalizing their titles. However, by not capitalizing their titles you can turn them into normal human beings that have no higher rights to describe the world, than yourself.

The term jayrope uses just lowercase letters, as the hUMAN Individual behind jayrope was looking for a search term, in 1995, which was coined to reliably identify the artistic entity of said human individual in public realms, but without compromising an otherwise private life. So spelling can also influence anonymity in public.

Breaking spelling customs by writing names in lOWERCAS3 tends to confuse not just a reader, but as well invariable systems (like discogs.com’s artist spelling rules). Those systems are slow to adapt to change and so will be overtaken at some point. However, this is a valid exercise for the artist, too. As individual spelling is an exercise of personal rights somebody may write your name differently. You may start making change a custom instead of complaining.

So, at last,
jayrope thinks “jayrope” is a search term as well as an alias and an artistic condition, but neither meant to be a first nor a surname and subsequently shall spell in one word using just lowercase letters.