Recently at the zoo
Released in 2020

Style(s): Algorhythmic • Electroacoustic • Electronic • Field Recordings
Mood(s): Accidental • Athmosperic • Complex • Driving • Floating • Lush • Minimal • Playful • Simple

Three story-telling works, which have one thing in common: They are dealing with life forms and social interaction.

Release notes

Times are full of changes, so let’s change.
This is a triple A-side release, binaural in parts.


  • Airyfluidroot

(airy, fluid, and root),
… a layered, pseudo story-telling work of acoustic recordings, bit remixing, modular synths, French courses and sounding code. Unreleased individual works excerpted, connected and layered.

Single contained works
B 04 galop in Gmaj
C 07 story 4
C 07 story 7
Harmreso 4
Mimeodome (Green Dome fragment remixed)
C 08 inner workings pt3
Bye, be safe (remix, for Daniel Johnston)

Composed by jayrope except for 4 seconds, recorded at Seanaps Radiolab 2019 at Cashmere Radio, Berlin, Oct. 13, 2019.


** Luminaries without names (originally Things without names)

… coded music turns into a playing partner for solo musicians. Composed, programmed by jayrope in Pure Data in 2017 for a few people around and himself to improvise with at home.

Originally in mono. Presented here is a binaural stereo version – better with headphones – of a 7-channel ambisonic original recording. This version was a comissioned work for Whitebubble, an ambisonic listening installation featuring works of Frank Bretschneider, Julius Holtz, jayrope, Sven König and Richard Scott at the Into Worlds conference at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Jan. 19-21, 2018.

(Imagine a small population of unknown life forms pseudo-interacting in the corner of an asteroid. Never foreseable, but the charaters stay consistent and they may interact with each other.)


*** That lucid state: A black bird is a mammal in another time line

Audio postcard of a blackbird & friends from April 2020 in Berlin.
It was meant to be a recording of ultrasound from bats, but a black bird sang instead at dawn.
This was drastically slowed down and so the bird song becomes one of real or phantastic mammals. Also, the structure of the song gets to be more understandable to our slow minds. Both phenomena together somehow suggest, that (some) birds could have a much faster time perception than humans.
Note to people who quarantine: You are hopefully doing the right thing, listening to your surroundings at unusual daytimes can brighten up your moods.