Released in 2011

Style(s): Electroacoustic • Future Jazz
Mood(s): Absurd • Brutal • Complex • Excited • Fine • Funny • Minimal

This is RAW.
This album was originally recorded in 2001 and with the help of funding by the Senator for Culture, Berlin. Since 2002 it was only available on CD and upon request.

This album will actually be released on CD in 2022, therefore the mixes/masters are new. If you’d like to be notified about this, subscribe to the newsletter on www.kliklak.net, please.

Michael Griener (drums/vibraphone)
jayrope (live electronics without computer, vox, git).

Mixed by Mark Bihler, some additional mixing by jayrope.
Mastering by jayrope at Echo Coordinate, Berlin.
Original artwork 2001 by jayrope
CD Artwork 2022 and sculpture by Madeleine Boschan