Random Love Songs
Released in 2005

Style(s): Future Pop

strawberry cake doorbell me tom’s birthday know yourself well no rodeo tickle
  • interplanetary music
    • lay
      • septembertraum
        checksum blues
        • hackmarkt
This is a re-release. Random Love Songs originally by jayrope March 2004/november 2005 except
  • written by Sun Ra
    • written by Daniel Raffel (ApartmentB/NYC), & jayrope, featuring Tom Krimi (steel guitar).
      • written by Daniel Raffel & jayrope 2001.

**** recorded & mixed by Mark Bihler.
All other tracks randomly mixed by jayrope and random_velocity at Echo Coordinate, Berlin.

Most of these songs were made in three weeks in March 2004.
The computer was tricked into subtle instability during mixing, therefore the album title. Unique mixes of these songs were available on request to interested people at the time. Occasionally today you’ll find CD-r versions at concerts of jayrope (2014), though those are just copies of one of the originals.