Live in Biesenthal
Released in 2010

Style(s): Ambient • Live

Recorded live in Biesenthal, Germany, Feb. 7, 2009.
Mastered at Vorderzimmer 17 Berlin by Jane Is Ko.

This version of this album is available as a limited CDr release BIESENTALES 004 with handmade artwork by Charlotte.

Thank you: Wokule e.V.

NOTE: Vinyl 12” version available on alt.vinyl, UK, since March 2017, remastered. has a few copies.

Robin/Norman Records says:
“Loveliness exists and it is this record. Procured from a live session out to the north of Berlin (because things do indeed happen outside of city parameters), these tracks offer up a collaboration between underrated hero Lichens (known, as Robert Lowe, for his modular experiments, vocal drones and the occasional foray into some semblance of dance music) and Air Cushion Finish, players from Berlin who’ve released a kindly handful of abstract musical blueprints. ‘Biesenthal’ is just the sound of people who like ambient music hanging out. I permit you to float.
A mixture of watery guitar strums, nasal vocal expressions and processed ambience best describes this record, which occasionally ups the ante of its ever-flowing sound through sustained harmonies and stray basslines. It’s weird both how absent-minded and precise they sound, as if they can forget anything but bliss exists for ten minutes and then know the exact moment their music should wake up on. The transitions are superb and jolting: the bassline and plucked guitar that rolls into “Licking It” sounds like something out of a rock song, living life anew in this strange territory.
It’s rhapsodic music. It feels nice to listen to but demands its weirdness be put into the forefront, its indecipherable vocal chants, whispers and howls moving between the tones and pulses like thoughts in your head that never quite coalesce. There’s something strangely nice about it all. Don’t ask me for any further details, please: I’ve gone metaphysical.”