A meets O
Released in 2014

Style(s): Ambient
Mood(s): Athmosperic

A meets O was recorded live at the Bar of Backthought (Seebühne) in Garbicz, Poland, August 22, 2014.
The concert marks another gap experience between music lovers of all kinds and a majority of simple-minded ravers, whom we all had to bare for the night after. Kind of like 3 competing dumb techno-only stages versus 1 stage for so called “music”. Unconnected parallel worlds, really.

Edited into 7 pieces & mastered by jayrope at Echo Coordinate, Berlin.
Photo by Arbot, artwork by ropinsky.

For Philipo, Claudius, Tuti, Talis, Simone, Gatis, Louis, Hans, Paul, Liene, Faris, Thomas, Holger, Zimbo, Joanna – and with respect to Polish musicians Robert Piernikowski, Jacek Mazurkiewicz, and Dominik Strycharski.
Live long and prosper!

This concert uses lyrics from
Fake Empire by Bryce Dessner (1),
Gently Johnny by Paul Giovanni (2) and
Do you own your body by LIMN (5),
besides my own.

Bye bye ravers
A meets O
Your body owns you
Early resolution notice

Runtime 1h:16m:31s.

This could be called Ironic Ambient, as it was recorded on an ambient stage of a Techno festival in Poland near the German border. The amount of stiff “ketaminic” spectators was in fact a little too high, and for jayrope this occasion marks the final break with an antagonistic techno culture, that has lost its wonderous and futuristic ideas & roots since probably 1991 already.