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Mosca is a resonator with metal injection, and that description is exaggerating (like a standard art-academic article about nothing). However, Mosca is put together in ten minutes and as it really is a resonator with metal injection it plays and sounds special and great. The parts can be found for free. Señor Conrado and jayrope simply upcycled spare kitchen parts at Marina in Barcelona in 2017.

Video at end of article.

Mosca - front

Two generic barbecue grills tightly strapped to a big water bottle with wire. An extra piece of wood helps to make a tight connection of grills and water bottle. That is essential for good resonance. Mosca plays fine flying (e.g. hanging on a rope from the ceiling), as it’ll be turning upon every hit, which makes playing more challenging and results less predictable.

Build one yourself – Part list
- water bottle 5 gallons (18.9 liters) WITH handle, surface under handle should NOT be curved.
- two round metal barbecue grills with handle. Handle should be part of frame, if not assemble it in right direction (only one possible, which is tight)
- piece of wood to tighten BBD handles, dimensions depend on aviil. space left under bottle handle. Leave barely enough for grill handles, the wodd then should squeeze it all together there. Would should/can be glued into the best position with hot glue.
- wire
- some tag/loop to hang it (black here)
- hot glue

Put it all together
Make sure you tighten the wire connecting the two grills underneath the bottle. It will rattle otherwise. When everything is tight, the bottle will properly function as a resonator.

Mosca - flying

Below you see three Moscas i built for music in contemporary dance at Theater Bremen.

Moscas at Theater Bremen

Every water bottle sounds entirely different, as well as every grill.
So you can make any number of Moscas for any number of players and land in a complex and unique percussion space in no time. Depending on personal taste Moscas also look good ;)

Mosca - playing setup.

Enjoy your own Mosca.

Video: Mosca in Barcelona.